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15th November
written by Craig

Jeff Buckley’s cover versions of songs never cease to amaze me with their power and feeling – his voice adds his own unique touch to them. The “Live At Sin-é” CD is probably Jeff at his “rawest” and best; before Grace was released he did a live show, and luckily for us it it was recorded…

“If you knew how I missed you
You would not stay away today
Don’t you know I need you
Stay here my dear with me

I need you here my darling
Together for a day a day
Together never parting
Just you just me my love

I can’t go on without you
Your love is all I’m living for
I love all things about you
Your heart your soul my love

I need you here beside me
Forever and a day a day
I know whatever betides me
I love you I love you I do”

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