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8th February
written by Craig

I was flicking through the music biography “Dream Brother: The Lives And Music Of Jeff And Tim Buckley”, and found myself reading a small paragraph about Tim’s song “I Never Asked To Be Your Mountain”
I’ve always liked this song, there’s so much power and feeling in it. I can almost imagine him swirling like a dervish singing this.

“O Flying Flying Fish
Please flutter by my door
Yes you can drink my lies
If first you read my eyes
Each one is titled
“I’m drowning back to you”
I can’t swim your waters
And you can’t walk my lands:
I’m sailing all my sins
And I’m climbing all my fears
And soon now I’ll fly”

The song builds up to a crescendo, and ends like this:

“Sweet lover, will you come back
And love me for a while?
Please take my hand
Leave all your fears behind

I’ve been gone too long
Now I’m home to stay
Please don’t leave me
Again this way

Please come home”

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